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Meet Maja Young

Q: Maja, you're trying to reduce your consumption, and encouraging others to do the same. Why does it matter to you?

For me, reducing consumption is about saving the environment, saving money, and saving ourselves a lot of hassle from dealing with clutter. When a friend wrote an article for the Boston Globe about the circular economy, I talked in it about trying to buy less “crap”, and the Buy Nothing Project as a way to do that. Buy Nothing Watertown is a Facebook group that offers people a way to give and receive, share and lend, and build connections, all within their neighborhood. I really recommend it! Anyway, the article struck a chord, and was the 2nd most read article the day it was printed!

Then the Watertown Free Public Library shared the article, because as they pointed out, the library is a great resource when it comes to reducing consumption. Of course, you can borrow hardcopies of books and digital copies of books, but you can also borrow all kinds of useful stuff from the Library of Things. The library also hosts clothing swaps, craft supply swaps, and so on. 

Q: You are in your first term as a Library Trustee. What made you want to serve, and what is it like?

What drew me to being a Library Trustee is my love of libraries and especially the Watertown Free Public Library. I wanted to get involved in my local community, and the library really made sense for me as a place I care about. I’m a very active patron!  

I really enjoy learning about the library and the way our small city government works. I enjoy working with the other Trustees and we’ve already accomplished a lot together in a short time. Two examples:  We hired an amazing new Library Director, Kim Hewitt, and we got the Bookmobile launched! You’ve probably seen it around town – it is a great way to bring the Library to folks who can’t come to it. 

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in East Watertown?

I have quite a few favorite restaurants, but at the top of the list are Cha Yen for fresh tasty Thai food, Red Lentil for delicious vegetarian food (that everyone enjoys, including non-vegetarians) and The Deluxe Town Diner for their awesome food and great atmosphere. I worked for two years at the Diner and two years at Red Lentil, so I have a soft spot for both of those establishments. Pro tip: If you ever go to Red Lentil, you have to order the Gobi Manchurian!

Q: What is your favorite spot to go for outdoor recreation? 

I like to walk on the bike path towards Cambridge and go around Fresh Pond with my dog or on bikes with my husband. I love the new bike path ! I also love Mount Auburn Cemetery – I’m so grateful it's so close by. It’s a great place to go to reflect and to look at the variety of trees and birds.

Q: What do you love most about living in the East End?

I feel extremely grateful to live where I do. We have a yard and trees around us but we’re only a 10 minutes drive from Boston. I love being able to walk to the bus and take public transportation, which also allows my kids a lot of freedom and independence. I love all the shops in Coolidge Square, like Sevan and Arax,

and love the diversity of my neighborhood.


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