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Steve Owens, State Representative and East End Resident

Nicole Gardner has the analytical mind, vision, and independence necessary for the East End to prosper and flourish. A natural leader, Nicole cares about all the residents of her community and isn't afraid to ask hard questions. She will be the progressive partner we need on the Town Council. I urge my fellow East End residents to vote for Nicole on November 2nd.

Susan Falkoff.jpeg

Susan Falkoff, Former Watertown Councilor at Large

Nicole is a doer and an activist. Her experience in business, combined with her passion for justice, will enable her to listen to her constituents, seek workable solutions, and be a constructive member of the Town Council as we negotiate the challenges ahead. She will be an enthusiastic, effective representative for the East End.

Dave Power.jpeg

Dave Power, CEO & President, Perkins School for the Blind

Since she joined the Perkins School in 2018, Nicole has proven herself to be a collaborative and pragmatic leader, always willing to listen and always guided by her values. She will be a tremendous asset to the Town Council and the community.

Caroline Bays.jpeg

Caroline Bays, Watertown Councilor at Large

The next two years will be a time of change and transition for Watertown. It is essential that the new District A town councilor has the necessary intelligence, knowledge, and strength of character. Luckily for District A, Nicole Gardner exemplifies all of the necessary traits required for this important job. I hope you will vote for Nicole Gardner for your District A town councilor on November 2.

350 Mass.jpeg

Official 350 Mass Action Endorsement

Watertown’s chapter of 350 Mass Action, a local climate advocacy group, has endorsed Nicole Gardner for District A Councilor! 350 Mass Action is a statewide organization whose mission is to endorse and support candidates for local, state and national offices who are committed to support and enact policies and legislation to resolve our climate crisis.

Kim Charlson.jpeg

Kim Charlson, Chair of the Watertown Commission on Disability

I can’t imagine anyone better suited to reflect the values and priorities of the East End on the Town Council than Nicole. She is uniquely qualified to serve Watertown’s District A residents bringing 35 years in business management and human resources experience to the table.

NG4 7_18_21r2 (1).jpg

Tony Palomba, Watertown Councilor at Large

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Nicole to be the new District A Councilor. She is smart, articulate, and forward-thinking. Most importantly, she is committed to representing the concerns and suggestions of the residents of District A. With Nicole as their Councilor, District A residents can be assured that their voices will be heard on the Town Council.

Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin.jpeg

Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice & the Environment

Nicole brings a rare combination of business expertise along with strong progressive values. With more than three decades as a management consultant and a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leader, Nicole will be able to safeguard our town financially, make sure our government is accountable to all residents, and also find creative new paths to make Watertown an even better place to live than it is today.

Emily Daman.jpeg

Emily Daman, Member of the Steering Committee of Watertown Forward

I have worked closely with Nicole over the last year, and she is an inspiring leader in the Watertown community. Her dedication and passion to make Watertown a welcoming and vibrant community for all will make her an incredible councilor. 

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