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Meet Janet Buck

Q. Janet, how did you first get involved with the Watertown Boys & Girls Club?

When my older daughter was a 4th or 5th grader at the Hosmer School, she was attending the Extended Day program there, since I was working full time in Boston. She was feeling like she was too old for it, and not happy about hanging out with so many “little kids”. It was her suggestion that she could take the bus to the Club after school, and I was happy to agree to it.

It was a wonderful experience. She had adults who knew her and treated her with respect, other than teachers and family. Soon, her sister was taking swim classes. Then I became a morning lap swimmer.

One of my clients was a Board member. Knowing me as an architect, he was frequently asking me if I could just “take a look” at some situation at the Club. Next thing I knew, I was a very involved Board member.

Q. What is your personal and professional background?

I am now retired from forty-plus years as a professional architect.

For me, it was a perfect mix of my two passions – art and social issues. Much of my work was with public housing, non-profits, and other public agencies. Growing up in New York in the sixties, art and social issues were tightly bound together.

I also have a strong connection to environmental issues, and work to make sure that any buildings I am involved in are environmentally responsive.

Q. Are you involved in other community organizations in Watertown?

I love Watertown because it is a size and mindset where a person or group can have an idea and actually see it through.

My first experience with this was joining a group of artists who became the driving force and first Board of the Mosesian Center for the Arts. We actually made

that happen!

At this point, I am also the Chair of the Planning Board as well as the Chair of

the Stormwater Advisory Committee. It's a great way to help our community. (By the way, if you'd like to learn more about serving on a Watertown Board or Committee, just reach out to any of us who are doing it now. Nicole could help connect you.)

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time ?

I love taking walks every day in Watertown. In the East End, we are lucky to have the DCR path that runs parallel to Arsenal Street behind the mall, from Arlington to School Street. And then we are enjoy the Greenway which starts at the Watertown Dam and runs up to Bridge Street and back. Every day is different along the river. Another favorite is Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

I do artwork in various media. I still swim. But mostly, I love spending time with my daughters and grandson.


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