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What next for the Watertown Mall?

Alexandria Real Estate (ARE) is about to start the redevelopment of the Watertown Mall, now home to Target, Best Buy, the RMV and smaller retailers, as part of a larger life sciences development along Arsenal Street.

Now is the time for our residents to share their priorities for this important project, both with ARE and with our city planning department.

When campaigning in the summer and fall of 2021, many of you shared your priorities for commercial development. Here were the most frequent themes:

  • Preserving or increasing our precious green spaces

  • Achieving sustainability -- getting to net zero

  • Ensuring that public spaces are welcoming and safe for all

  • Reducing transportation congestion and single use cars

  • Providing spaces where we can build and maintain our sense of community

Well over150 people attended the first Community Meeting, at which ARE introduced themselves & shared their high level plan. Most of the time was spent listening to the ideas and concerns of Watertown people, as you can see on the video.

The second Community Meeting will be on Tuesday, March 1st, at 6:30 pm. ADD LINK. Please come, share your ideas, and help ensure this important development supports our community goals!


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