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Meet Phil Gordon

Q: What do you do for a living?

I’m the Deputy Director at Social Capital Inc. (SCI), a Woburn nonprofit which strengthens communities in Greater Boston by cultivating connections through inclusive programs, youth development & leadership opportunities, and local partnerships.

I’m from Woburn, and it’s fulfilling to work for SCI and make an impact in my hometown. For example, I’ve been the lead organizer for the Woburn’s Juneteenth celebration since it started in 2021. It’s seen amazing growth and community engagement. Last year we welcomed Attorney General Andrea Campbell as our keynote speaker, along with a panel discussion, student performances, a concert and more. We had over 400 attendees despite the rain! I love seeing the impact it’s had in my hometown!

Q: Sounds like you’ve got a knack for organizing!

I enjoy curating experiences that are fun! And I believe that positive shared experiences help build community. So I’m looking for opportunities to do more of it, including here in my new community.  

Here are 2 things I’m working on in Watertown for February -- I hope lots of folks come out for them!

First, I’m partnering with Fly Together Fitness Watertown to put on Art in Motion, a visual art showcase of local Black artists, this Friday evening, February 16. Tickets here (starting at $5!). I hope many of you come out to support these local artists during Black History Month! Any profits from the event will be going directly to the artists. 

Second, I’m working with Conley’s Pub & Grill to curate a monthly themed dance night. Be sure to check out our “90’s night” dance party on Friday, February 23!

Q: What brought you to Watertown?

I moved in fall 2020, to be in a community that was closer to Boston – my role at SCI requires me to engage with many partners in the city – while also close enough to commute to Woburn easily when needed. I’ve loved my time living in Watertown so far and definitely feel like it’s home.

Q: What are your favorite places in the East End?

So many! I love Arax market and shop there for a lot of my grocery needs. I like getting Stella’s Pizza and Cha Yen Thai regularly for take out. If you’ve never had Cha Yen’s ice cream then I highly recommend doing so! Emilio’s is a great mom & pop place for subs and sandwiches. I frequent Conley’s for food, drinks and friends, and I also like to hit up Ravello for a delicious dinner or date night. Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Olespana as a good place that’s newer to the neighborhood which has a really great seafood-forward menu, nice draft beer selection, and warm but unique atmosphere.

Q: What else do you do for fun?

I enjoy being active so I ride my bicycle as much as possible when the weather allows. One of the things I love about Watertown is that it’s easy to ride my bike for commuting (favorite mode of transportation!) as well as for fun. I enjoy playing most sports but my favorite these days is soccer and tennis.

My “happy place” hobby is cooking, which I’ve loved since I was young. And I’ll never stop learning because the world of food is so vast. Food is an essential part of building relationships and community in every culture. A shared meal nourishes not just the physical body but also the mind and soul of those who eat together. I love sharing cooking and meals with friends, family, neighbors and strangers.


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