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Thank you, District A, for electing me to be your City Councilor. I'm honored to serve the residents of our East End community.


Please reach out to me with your questions, ideas, and problems.


I work for you.

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Our residents deserve transparency. I send out regular emails and post on social media to keep you in the know, so that you can get involved in the things that matter to you.


I welcome your questions and suggestions.  


As your newly elected Councilor, I look forward to working with you, our city staff, and fellow Councilors on the opportunities and challenges facing us. Learn more about where I stand. 

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Meet Nicole

I'm a mom, an activist, and a retired business executive. I've spent my whole life in Massachusetts. My husband and I moved to Watertown's East End in 2015, and I've been active in our community ever since.  

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