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Meet Barbara Epstein

Q: How did you get involved with the arts community in Watertown? When I moved to Watertown in the 1980s, I got involved with activities that related to my family, like the schools and the Watertown Children’s Theatre. Then someone was needed to pick up the job of programming enrichment for the Hosmer School and I volunteered, even though I was nervous. It turned out to be fun and a great way to get more connected. Besides being an arts lover myself, I think the arts are a great vehicle for people to explore and express where they’ve come from and where they’re going, so they’re for everyone. Q: What's the next big thing you are working on?

I’m very excited about the work of the Public Arts and Culture Committee, which I helped to create, and the new initiative to create a designated Arts District, which will help coalesce the arts community and give it more visibility.

Q: Why do you think Watertown has such a vibrant and active arts community? Watertown is ideally situated, near the city but still suburban. It has a very active and involved community in general, and good infrastructure to support the arts. The very visible organizations like the Mosesian Center and the Armenian Museum are just the tip of the iceberg for lots of smaller, under the radar efforts.

Q: How can someone get involved in the Watertown arts community? There are lots of good opportunities! The Watertown Arts Calendar lists what’s happening in the city, and yearly events like the Watertown Arts Market, happening in August, always welcome volunteers. It’s a great way to meet people and get more connected.

Q: What do you do for work and/or fun?

I bike, I walk, I paint, and I daydream about the next new arts initiative that can get even more residents involved!

Q: What do you love best about Watertown? I love the variety of restaurants and markets in Watertown, from Ecuador to Syria to Japan, and everything in between.


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